I´m pissed off madly, pistol clappin and shit so hectic
when I´m sick of rappin, split your head in two and call u skidzofrenic
The shits on, I´ll shit on your sick son and smoke you like Winston
cut yo dick off, stick some dynamite tubes in your rectum
breakin and enterin, your home, crazy and “demented, in” my dome
breakin your back-again, ITSON!, facin a jail-sentence for centuries OH NO
but yo, I´m sick and twisted when I spit this sick shit, on da spot
ready to slid your wrist bitch, and drink a pint, of your blood
Sober sometimes, mostly on white, snortin them lines
crack your skull, and suck out your brain to open your mind
Drug abusing criminal, leavin minimal evidence left off my victims all
cold-blooded and cynical, mastermind, straight up psycho just killin ya´ll
sometimes I feel like, stabbin babies and just go snappin crazy
grabbin and jabbin lazy, kids thats why I aint been rappin lately
I´m more then loco, I´m what loonies call crazy
stupid and hazy when I smoke the groovy fat Jays See
But when the smoke wears off, the old me, returns with a sin
laugh at this lyric, I´ll show up at your crib with an axe and a grin…

Sup sup… varaðfatta að ég mun ábyggilega aldrei rappa á ensku svo þetta verður bara texti. en, já enjoy og droppið comment.