okey fólk ég biðst afsökunar á öllum stafsetningarvillum sem eru hér fyrir neðan…er ekki sá besti í enskri málfræði.

yo I'm, not the first and I'm not the last/
2 go in 2 hiphop that is a fact/but I/
can feel it in my fingers and feel it in my toes/
feel it when I'm spitting in tha microfone/
I'm going somewhere whith my style, aight/
if I say im going 2 the top…I'M GOING 2 THETOP/
but when I say this some peps say;yeah right dude/
but I'm going 2 let the dream come true like deisja whu/
not going 2 let some assholes drag me down/
not going 2 stop thou you say I have a fagit sound/
I potent in rhymes and you know it/
thou you somehow get me down I will continue crawling/
couse my will power is strong it drages me every way I go/
through tough times wind,water,fire,ice n' snow/
am I gonna last in this shit?I don't know/
but I'm gonna go on searching for my right home/
þetta er hiphop undirskrift