Það væri alveg ágætt að fá smá gagnrýni á þetta ( buinn að senda inn 2 texta og ekki buinn að fá neina gagnrýni….Difference…evening)

I spend most of my time doing misconstuctive things//
I smoke, I drink, but I don't do drugs//
I don't sniff the fudge//
I got freaky hair//
And I'm so damn smart I could win who want's to be a millionaire//
I don't bathe much and I gotta wear dirty underwear//
Back to the start ooh where were we//
I was about to tell you about my typical day//
Hooray, I'm a wake and it's already seven thirty//
still dark outside and I'm feeling kinda spurty//
I get my ass out of bed, try to get some food down there//
but it all seems to go in and out through the other//
I'm always late, but no-one seems to bother//
I try to stay awake through-out the beginning of the day//
I look outside but all I see is gray//
gray, gray is the color of reality//
Now it's already noon and I haven't felt a thing//
I stay in my corner, wondering what the fuck I'm doing here//
Am I just a volunteer, or am I a pioneer//
Either way I dislike my fuckin' part in life//
But there is nothing I can do to change it//
I keep thinking like this until the night breaks out//
And the night is the part of the day I can't be without//

The day goes on and on//
And my life has not begun//
And I'm not the only one//
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KariBjorn A.K.A. Þvottabjörn
We swarm with the bees and diseases and even if your deejay was jesus you could never fuck with these kids