Can you believe all those credulous people//
People who think that there is a god up there//
And a demon down in hell//
I haven't seen one thing that will convince me to believe in god or a demon//
I feel sorry for people who are misled by others//
There are prisoners, murderers and police massacres//
Commited every day in the name of Lucifer//
People who die for their faith//
People who kill for their faith//
All in the name of God, allah, buddha and whatever//
How do think this looks through the eye of the interpreter//
Or though the eye of the worshiper//
What would it be like if there were no religions at all//
All-in-all I think we live in pretty fucked up mall//
I just live by one personal principal//
“Don't let anyone else have any effect on you”//
Just look at it from my point of view//
We are all the same, name by name//
And we are all playing the same motherfuckin’ stupid game//

P-E-A-C-E in the name of democracy(4x)

Terrorist groups all around the world//
Slaughter innocent people who are victims of war//
I'm just using metaphors when I say//
They kill our future leaders and go home to pray//
While the giant stays at home to play and go on a holiday//
We can't deal with the problem cause its here to stay//
But there is one thing that we can do//
Break bread with the enemy//
And not judge one other by their pedigree//
But people are stupid, that's what I've learned//
Learned it like a child that learns it's first word//
By hearing what is heard//
We must all agree to love one another//
Although you are black, blue, brown or yellow//
Whether you're living in a studio or incognito//
Stop living in the shadow and come out of the shade//
Don't be afraid, I'm not trying to persuade you, into doing what you don't wanna do//
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We swarm with the bees and diseases and even if your deejay was jesus you could never fuck with these kids