Ég hef verið að vinna að lagi með vini mínum en hef ekki alveg náð að semja nógu góðan texta(að mínu mati) svo á laugardaginn síðastliðinn kom ég heim pissfullur og byrjaði að semja og þetta kom út úr mér, sagan er ósönn en ýmsir hlutir þarna eru sannir.

I'm looking out to the street where I live in//
And I don't see anything happening//
yes there are a few cars, few houses//
but nothing particular is going on//
but wait I think I see something moving out there//
It's dark and moving at a slow pace//
I'm not sure if I can see into it's face//
man or a woman, I can't tell//
All I can say, I think the distance is parallel//
this thing it's got something in it's hands//
shiny, glowing, peaceful object//
is it heading towards me//
should I stay or should I flee//
should I wait for it to come against me//
and take me down on my knee//
make me plea for my life//
could this beeing be from another world, another galaxy//
I don't know there is only one way to find out//
there is no doubt in my mind//
I use my two feet to walk against it//
and what do I see//
the most beautiful, most magical creature I have ever seen//
between us there are only a couple of feet//
we're standing on the concrete on my street//
just the two of us, and I've got nothing to say//
retreat, retreat this is heading into defeat//
but there is a feeling deep down inside me//
that doesn't wanna go//
hello seems to be the only word I know//
although my effort seem worthless//
I gave it a shot, and what do I get//
hello you wanna come to my bungalow//
She doesn't tell me her name and don't tell her mine//
she is so divine//
if I could only find the right words at the right time//
I know she'd be mine//
We get to her house, nothing fancy and I don't see no spouse//
she draws me closer and closer//
and all of a sudden I can feel her breasts pushing up to my chest//
excitement and I'm not the one who will be doing the protest//
A few hours passed by and I don't know what had hit me//
could it be I've fallen in love//
with the girl who has all the items above//
loving, caring and offering me a place in her heart//
all those things, all in one evening//
It might not be time for me to bring her the ring//
hell I don't know, maybe I need to take it slow//
But amor has shot his arrow into my heart//
and there is no going back, there is no going away//
I'm here to stay//

<br><br><i>Sannleikurinn er bestur, en hann er ekki á allra færi!</i>

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