I was fucking with this girl, and everybody knew it
My Dick she always blew it get it get it go to it
And that's what I did, and that's how it went down
Little did I know that on the other side of town
She was dating this guy, by the name of Big Tie
Rumor has it that the man stood 10 feet high
One day, she called and said come play
So I brought 10 friends and try to help them get laid
We went to her apartment and everything was all right
She started stripping for us not a problem in sight
But just then, Big Tie bust in
His girl was blushing, and I was flushed then
Tie had about 5 men with him
Since I had all 10 let the battle begin
Before a fight broke out, my friends broke out
They said “All right man, we'll catch you later kid no doubt”
They ignored my friends and jumped all on me
I was out for the count and really bloody
They were very hostile, I woke up in the hospital
I was told every bone in my body was broke a little
All my friends that ran, as fast as they could
Just like little bitches and it wasn't understood
They came in the room saying get well good luck
I told them get out of here, and shut the fuck up
I could not believe it, i thought i had friends
It turns out that they were really cowards in the end