Memories our best friend, worst fiend,
the only ones that´ll stay with us till the end
No matter what happens they wont go, no matter
what you do, you might forget them for a while,
manage to put up a smile, but they ain´t gone.
The day you died for the first time I cried,
an explosion inside, it just wasnt right,
for you to be sent so soon to the light,
this pain, when i hear someone mention your name,
it wont be the same, it´s driving me insane,
I just want to get away, now today,
I just want to relax, escape this noise, relax be in eaz,
rest in peace, the pain is eating me from inside,
driving me insane,that night I wish I had died,
it ain´t the same, every night I whisper your name,
just want to forget that you´re dead.
You…, my one and only, now I´m lonely,
not knowing what to do, with out you, life is pointless,
like the game of chess where the queen is missing,
you were my queen, the one I should be kissing,
believe me I would if I could, I´ve even thought about
taking my life, shooting my self, end it,
once i even tried, picked the date, a day to meet my fate.
But i didn´t pull the trigger, could stop now and
leave for you to figure, but it wouldn´t be nice,
now listen closely I won´t say this twice, I may not
be the sharpest tool in the shed, but i ain´t no fool,
it didn´t make sense, there wasn´t a chance,
when I loaded my gun, I looked at the sun,
took my last look, prepared my self to die,
still dont know why, I didn´t go through,
guess I realized what I was about to do,
all I could think about was you.
I´m getting ready again, getting steady, ready to play,
enough with this misery, I´m starting over,
I made a mistake, but Im ready to forget,
now you´re dead, know I killed you, I was drunk,
ain´t no excuse, didn´t mean to do you harm,
still you fell befor my arm, meant to teach you a lesson,
stabbing someone is a strange way of expression,
with that knife, I took you´re life, I just exposed my secret
told it to you to keep it, can´t live this lie,
don know if I deserved it though, I dug my own hole,
when I killed you, the part that made me whole,
a part of my soul, tried to teach you not to cheat me,
seeing you with that guy just started to eat me,
from inside, in my mind, thought i could ignore it,
block it out, soon I wanted to shout, but couldn´t,
feelt though I was about to choke, so I grabbed my coat,
went to the car, drove to the next bar, tried to drink
away this scar, alone with my thoughts,
determined in not beeing a victim, decided to show that
bitch who she be trickin, teach her a lesson,
the alcahol caused my aggression, never meant you to bleed,
but it ended up with you´re blood soaking the sheet,
colored the bed red, and you ended up dead.

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