It's been a long time comin'\\
my brain's been runnin'\\
my lips been burnin'\\
With ideas and the need to put them in words\\
My fears of the responses of ignorant fools\\
have made me hide the tools\\
some people use to get things of their chests\\
I am of course speakin' of rhymes\\
I've got to, in these crazy times\\
to have some way to show my feelings\\
to have a way to tell of my dealings\\
with life and people overall\\
But recently I've realized I do indeed have skills\\
-I call myself Mista B\\
one part funk, two parts ill\\
So, if you've got mad disrespect to give\\
bring it\\
and I guess we'll see which one of us will live…

well, ef þið nennið þá megið þið koma með komment á þetta litla vers mitt.

kv. Mista B<br><br>——————————
Prof.:“Soon his planet will erupt in a raging frenzy of invertebrate sex!”
Fry:“Ooooh, baby I'm there!”
Leela:“Fry, do you even know the meaning of the word invertebrate?”
Fry:“No, but that's not the word I'm interested in…!”
“I may be an intelligent sword…but I've had no formal edu<b>ma</b>cation!”