Jæja - Hlaut Að Koma Að Því. Ég hef ekki heyrt þetta ennþá…..en hérna er textinn :P

Eminem –We The Realest Label…

So lets get down to business/I got no time to play around what is this(what is this)
Damn the invasion, (the invasion)
We battle the infiltration,We comin(Yeah!)
I got 50 Cent, I got G-Unit,/
????, and Obie Trice
So watch what you say, fore you call our name/
if you say one more thing it wont be nice

Whoops..Here we go /I should have known
I was bound to get pulled /into some bullshi.t
Sonner or later/You little haters
Are too jealous of us/ to love us
U hate it/that G-unit made it
And Obie is coming/D-tweezy's coming/U sick to your stomach(puke!!)
50 percent of it is 50 Cent/
and the other 50 percent is whose color of skin it is
Before even considering taking our label down/
you better find our building and fly a fuc.king plane into it
But I aint trying to get too intricate into it/
I'm just tryin to give you a little info for your own benefit
Cuz then its going to get to the point/
Where it escalates into some other shi.t
Then I'm gonna flip/
Them I'm gonna get ta stompin in my Air Force 1's/
Wont be able to tell if its two pairs or it's one
Its just gonna feel like so many feet kickin/
u gonna think NIKE just made ???? and ???? tennis shoe
I dont want what it is or what it could be/
but I get a woody when these pussies push me
thinking they gonna put me in a position to fickle me/
ya'll tickle me pink,I tell ya I'd just rather have pink tickle me(he he he)
Hickory dic.kory dock/
Tickity tock tickity
a lil bit of the jiggity jock jiggity/
mixed with little bit of the Jigga-ty,Jigaa-ty
mixed with a small pinch of Bigge/look at me
Im just a bomb digity
We the realest label/
Dont try to act like u dont feel our label
Cuz we gonna talk around and kill your label/
Obie/D-tweezy/G-Unit/50/Shady records/
We the label for sure

We the realest label/
Dont try to act like u dont feel our label
Cuz we gonna talk around and steal your people/
We gonna kill your fuc.kin label for sure

Yeah!! Shady in the place with ????
and I got what it takes to rock the mike, (right)
Still Watch what you say to me punk/
Cuz I'm of probation in less than 6 months(Clunk - [gun cocking])

Shady Records
still Aftermath
and don't think we dont hear you motha fuc.kers talking
cuz we do
we see ya'll
but we're just gonna sit back for a moment and watch what the fuc.k ya'll do

=> - wow……….Ja Rule og co. eiga ekki möguleika.
Virðist samt ekkert vera neitt rosalegt diss…..ætlað heyra lagið samt, áður en ég dæmi þetta. En uhhh…….skil ekki tilganginn í að dissa ja rule…..hann er lélegur mc, og sannaði að hann kann ekkert á battl í dmx dissinu sínu.<br><br>————————————————————
NaS For President!!!

Nas Interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Q:Do you think you could take Eminem in a rap battle?

NaS:I respect the guy's art, but I don't think it's wise for anybody to challenge me right now. There's really nobody out there that's reached where I'm at yet, and I'm only using one percent of my whole 10 percent. If it gets turned up all the way, I'm gonna lose everybody and they're going to be thinking I'm from another planet.