Melissa, Windsor, Canada
Even though this song could be “anti-abortion” it would make more sense that it would be about a miscarriage, as the chorus says, “it's a terrible thing to LOSE.” It's occurred to me that you could interpret this song as being about sex. The “living thing” could be an erection, and that can be terrible to lose during sex. I also read on Urban that “floating” can mean something sexual as well. I also just found out that “taking a dive” is a slang term used to mean “performing oral sex on females.” This song also sounds like it's about a drug or being intoxicated. The “terrible thing to lose” would be the high feeling, “taking a dive” would be trying the substance, and “floating downstream” could be the drug wearing off. The “bad dream” could mean a bad trip, and this could explain the background lyrics “don't you do it” which could be a warning or a question. I don't know what I think the song is really about, but I like speculating, and that's what's great about the lyrics to this one … it can mean so many things.


Ég… ég er ósáttur með Lynne að segja þetta bara fjalla um ást og eitthvað.