Though there have been many posthumous releases from Jimi Hendrix's archives since his tragic death, the recently-announced ‘Valleys of Neptune’ isn't meant to be a “lost” album. Rather, it's a look at the creative period in Hendrix's life between the 1968 release of ‘Electric Ladyland’ and his legendary appearance at Woodstock the following summer.

“In the aftermath of ‘Electric Ladyland,’ he made a series of recordings with the original Experience,” co-producer, author and Experience Hendrix catalog director John McDermott tells Spinner. "When they effectively stopped working as a three-man recording unit, he brought in [bassist] Billy Cox – this album captures that transition. We don't want to over-dramatize it. This is that missing period of time.“

The dozen tracks on ‘Valleys of Neptune’ reflect a time where Hendrix, finding his way with a new band while fighting contractual problems, was blossoming creatively. Featuring reworked hits like ‘Fire’ and ‘Red House’ as well as fully-realized songs that have never officially been released, the album shows that Hendrix was embarking in a new direction, one that would later be heard on ‘Band of Gypsys.’ While the album is due out on March 9, check out Spinner's exclusive premiere of the title track below to hear what McDermott refers to as a ”snapshot" into a part of Jimi's life that's rarely been heard.

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