Fyndnar Senur! Hæhæ allir :o)
Fyndnar senur úr þætti 8 í 9. seríu The One With Rachel's Other Sister.

Amy: O my god. Is this Emmet?
Rachel: Aaaahhh… It´s Emma.
Amy: It´s a girl??

Rachel: You remember Ross?
Amy: Not Really. You are much cuter then that geeky guy she used to date.
Ross: That was me.
Amy: No he was this creepy guy from high school who had this huge chrush on her since like the 9 grade.
Ross: Still me
Amy: No I'm not talking about u. It was her fat friends brother with that bad afro.
Ross: Amy I´m gonna save u some time. ALL ME.

Amy: Ohhh… she's so precious (Emma). Do you ever worry that she´s gonna get your real nose? (Rachel)
Rachel: Yes I do I really do.

Ring ring….
Amy: Hello. Hang on a sek. (Til Ross) Can I take this upstairs?
Ross: Sure, we don´t live there but-
Amy: Seriously just these rooms?? I thought you were a doctor.
Rachel: No, Ross has a PHD.
Amy labbar í burtu.
Rachel: She is unbelievable.
Ross: I know. A PHD is just as good as an MD.
Rachel: Yeah sure Ross. If I have a heart attack I want you there with your phosolbrush (kann ekki að skrifa þetta orð)

Joey: Hey, how com my plate less fansy than everyone elses? Do you not trust me with the fancy plates?
Monica: No honey that´s a special plate. It´s a game, who ever gets that plate wins.
Joey: I can´t believe I won!

Amy: I can´t belive that my socalled sister gets a 30% discount from Ralph Lauren. And I still have to pay retail??
Rachel: AHAAHA it´s 45.
Amy: you bitch!

Og þetta er bara brot af því besta :o) Endilega horfiði á þennan þátt hann er ógeðslega fyndinn! :) Það er hægt að horfa endalaust á hann svo sem eins og alla Friends þætti. ;)

Takk fyrir mig, Ripp.
I mean, isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch