Jæja Airosoft iceland X viðbótin loksins komin út. Er einhver búinn að prófa ? Keflavík er excluded :/ vona innilega að hann komi fljótlega.

Bætt við 7. desember 2010 - 19:02

Coverage of the whole island
High resolution mesh
Special land class textures to render Iceland`s typical colors (like Lava, Glaciers, wasteland,…)
Accurate coastlines and islands
Thousands of rivers, lakes and roads
Photorealistic glaciers
Revolutionary new waterfall effects
Geysers, hot spots and more typical Icelandic landmarks
Individual seasonal adjustments for all 12 months
All Icelandic airports included (*)
More than 40 airports with custom layout and buildings
High detailed airport scenery for Reykjavik, Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Isafjordur and Vestmannaeyjar
Custom scenery for villages, harbors and landmarks around the island
Weather and snow effects
Dynamic AI ship and air traffic (VFR aircraft) included
High resolution map included
(*) Keflavik International Airport is not part of this add-on as it will be released as a separate add-on