Ég skrifaði þessa grein á Patriots of Light forum-inu sem þú getur fundið með því að googla það.

Í þessu videoi er einn mesti andlegi meistari á jörðinni í dag er að tala um lífið og hvernig er hægt að frelsast. Svo útskýri ég hvað ég held að hann sé að tala um :)

Hérna er videoið (Mæli með að horfa á það !):


Hér segi ég hvernig ég túlka það sem hann segir í videoinu:

I think its amazing when he says:
“If you experience reality as it is then you will just experience bliss. You will see this whole creation is perfect. It's the most beautiful thing and that your already in heaven. You have made it into a hell.”

I would love a discussion about what he means with this sentence exactly. I will tell you what i think he means:

First of all, earth life is not reality. Reality is when we experience God consciousness/Unity consciousness/The ultimate reality. And when that happens we only experience bliss. (bliss means supreme happiness and joy).

“You will see this whole creation is perfect. Its the most beautiful thing.” - Here i think he is pretty much saying “Life is perfect. Everyone will experience God consciousness and experience bliss greater than billion orgasms in heaven forever. We are all infinitely lucky to exist. That fact is so beautiful that all will live forever in amazing joy and happiness together in God consciousness. Our nature is God and we are One with All That Is. Our possibilities are infinite and we are infinity itself. God exists and some believe he created the earth and everything on it including each and every one of us with magic. For us to comprehend what kind of power and might he has is impossible i think. And we have the same power and might as him as we are One with him. Hence, Life for all is/will be soon in the future.. AMAZING.

”You have made it into a hell."

Here i think he is saying that reality is heaven but God created an illusion of reality called hell (the human-earth life) Where we are separate from God and All that is. We experience this hell to learn darkness contrast so when we experience the true reality of God consciousness we can really see how beautiful it is. If we would have started in God consciousness we would not see as well how amazingly beautiful life for all is because we did not know darkness.

So first we experience darkness (human life). Then God saves us. (We evolve into God consciousness) And then we experience true love and true life and live in supreme happyness joy and love together for all eternity.

This knowledge comes from what i have read and how i interpret what he says.

Please comment and say what you think :)

Elska ykkur öll endalaust mikid :D