Þessi grein mun innihalda fróðleik um pantheisma og speki Samræður við guð bókanna. Ég segi nokkuð vel frá pantheisma, en ég læt smá Samræður við guð fylgja með. Ég segi aðeins stuttlega frá speki Samræður við guð bókanna. Myndbönd (þau eru sérstök ég veit) má finna neðst í greininni.
Þið afsakið að þetta sé á ensku.

First, how does pantheism describe god? According to pantheism, god is all there is.
We human beings are a creation of god but are god nontheless, since god is all. Realizing that you are one with everything, that you are one with god, is an awesome feeling. All the masters, for an example Buddha and Jesus, knew that they were one with the universe.
The reason why every individual does not have this realization is because of the existence of the ego. The ego is a built illusion that is constantly telling us that we are seperate from everything else.
According to pantheism, nothing is required to see the reality as it is, that is to see that everything is one. All you have to do is allow it to happen. Your mind, or the ego as I call it (note that the brain and the mind are not the same thing), is constantly resisting that you become enlightened, or that you realize that everything is one. The beauty is this: nothing at all is requried to become enlightened.
But pantheism also says that you cannot achieve enlightenment, because it is not something you can achieve. Neither is it stationary somewhere. You can't say “aha, it's over there”. Many get enlightened for a short while. There, enlightenment peeks up to the surface, but the mind quickly silences it. Enlightenment is simply put stopping to perceive the world through the ego. The mind is a very strong thing, you cannot outsmart your mind.
The only way to erase the ego is to allow it to be as it is. Completely. As soon as you do that, the mind, or the ego, has nothing to grab hold on, and it vanishes. The mind lives on resistance. It must struggle. It has to struggle… otherwise, consciousness will start to wake up or leave a trance state of egoic consciousness… all by itself.
The consciousness, that is, enlightenment, does not need any help. It can't be helped. Anything you do to help it actually hinders it.
>> Einu verð ég að bæta inn í hérna: Pantheistar trúa á ópersónulegan guð, þ.e. að guð skipti sér ekki af því sem við gerum, heldur hafi hann gefið okkur tólin til þess, sem ég mun fara út í seinna.


What is law of attraction? What is so special about it? Well, I will tell you.
Anything and everything you think and any ideas that you have about yourself and other things has an effect on reality.
A single thought throughout the day is not likely to become a reality, since you think over 60000 thoughts every day. But if you think about
something for, say, 5 minutes after you wake up in the morning every day for 2 weeks, it has a much higher chance of becoming a reality.
The quantity of the thoughts is not the only thing that matters here.
In fact, it does not matter compared to the next factor: the belief that the thought
that you were thinking is true. If you think a thought, but the background thought is I know this is not true the reality is the exact opposite you will manifest that: the exact opposite of your desired result.
But beware, this is not only for good things. If you think negatively, things will
start to get negative around you. It is very important to understand this.
If something happens in your life that makes you very sad, staying sad will create a circle of hell. Sad to sad to sad to sad etc.
Being positive is actually not only good for your mental health… it is good for how life treats you.
I know all too well that trying to manifest something in reality on purpose
through thought can be challenging. Very challenging indeed. There is another thing that affects your reality and surroundings. It is the idea you have about yourself and others.
The idea you have about yourself is like thinking the same thought every day throughout your life, and thus becomes an absolute reality.
You also believe that this idea about yourself is absolutely true… so it has no chance of not happening. Thus, in order to keep your surroundings
friendly and positive, avoid by all means to think negatively and to make negative ideas about yourself. Remember, that if you get negative feedback from someone and you take it personally, you are not realizing that it is only his or hers opinion. Why is his or hers opinion suddenly the word of god? Remember this: god does not judge.
Not you, not me, not anyone. Not even the serial killer that is living next door. If god does not judge, then why should you? And why the hell should you take personally how others judge you?

Ég er að vinna í að senda meira af þessu inn eins og er. Hérna eru myndböndin sniðugu :)

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.