Gerði tvö mix um daginn

Groovandi Magnús

Kalabrese - Makelovedisco
Dave Aju - Crazy Place
Motorcity Drum Essemble - Raw Cuts
Tricksky - Sweat
Petre Insperescu - Rackadoom
Klive - Dont Give up the Ghost
Ramon Tapia - Can you dig it
Guillime & Coutu Dumont - flying dutchman
Paul Frick - Steal My Heart
Christian Burckhardt - Leg back
Moff & Tarkin - Straight out
Fabrice Lig - Evolutinism
Reboot - Three rows
Mara trax - Me funk
Catz and Dogz - Yes They still play casio
The Mole - Baby youre the one

Pumpandi Magnús

Phey Boom -Christian Burkhardt
Revox Justin Martin Rmx - Tim Green
Una Rosa(H.O.S.H. Rmx) - Nicone
Iceland - GusGus
Insects - Terry Lee Brown Junior
The Sloop - Hugo
Sakadat - Petre Insperescu
No Booth Better - Carlo Lio
Moriska - Livio & Roby
Una Pena - Stimming
Pimp Jackson is talkin now! - Loco Dice
Mountain 004 - The Mountain People