Til Sölu: Traktor Scratch (m/ Audio 8 hljóðkort)

Traktor Scratch is the professional DJ system allowing you to spin your digital track collection on vinyl or CD turntables. It comprises of intuitive software, special control signal vinyl records and CDs, two professional Multicore connection cables, and Audio 8 DJ - a high-end audio interface built specifically for DJs.

Rock-solid and reliable, and featuring ‘Instant Connect’ plug and play usability, every element is master crafted by the Native Instruments team in Berlin, Germany. The result is Traktor Scratch - the perfect fusion of analog confidence and feel with the freedom and potential of digital. Never before has technology had so much soul.

Traktor 3 compatibility:
If you like to use vinyl or CD control to mix with the even more powerful Traktor 3 software, you can upgrade to Traktor 3 at a special price.

Top Features
Professional DJ system to control digital music files using turntables or CD decks

High-end 24bit/96kHz low-latency audio interface with Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters, MIDI I/O, USB 2.0 bus powered

Portable size and robust aluminum case

2 professional multi-core cables connect your entire system through single XLR jacks for easy plug & play

8 hi-gain outputs, 8 inputs, 2 optional phono preamps with high impedance input mode, mic input, 20 individual status LEDs for full visual control

2 control signal records & 2 CDs with high resolution for super precise track control

Intuitive DJ software based on the award-winning Traktor 3

Bass feedback filter and software controlled ground lift for maximum tracking stability

2 playback decks with filter effects and high-quality key correction

2 dedicated effect output channels

Powerful track management with quick search, virtual record crates, iPod and iTunes compatibility and integrated Beatport Online Store

Hardware Details
The Audio 8 DJ interface - The Traktor Scratch system is built on incredibly resilient and innovative hardware. The rock solid high-end Audio 8 DJ boasts unmatched connectivity, whilst the Multicore cable provides a fresh and professional solution to set up hassles.

This powerhouse interface answers all the questions of the modern DJ. An unrivaled potential for connectivity -boasting 8 inputs, 8 outputs, MIDI I/O, 1/4 in. headphone connector, and 20 status LEDs for full visual control. 4 hi-gain stereo outputs mean you have the potential for 2 main decks routed from the Traktor software, plus two extra stereo outputs fed by Traktor Scratch’s send effects. Super high-end Cirrus-Logic AD-DA converters guarantee a sound quality that will impress even the most discerning audiophiles. Ultra low latency drivers along with hi-gain output levels on all channels prove the Audio 8 DJ's professional credentials. The sheer quality of the sound will blow your audience away.

Encased in a solid shield of aluminum, and built on a metal chassis, this sturdy interface is also small enough to fit into the tiniest booth. Built with most resilient components, and designed for a life of hard work, you can trust this total professional to get to the job done in any situation.

Multicore Cable System - Ultra efficient, hassle free, one-click-per-deck Multicore Cable System, putting an end to set-up stress. The days of cable chaos are over. Traktor Scratch is designed for maximum plug and play usability with 2 color coded connector cables grouping all necessary connections into one pro quality audio cable.

No longer will you lose precious time sorting and hooking up cables. The newly developed, patent pending “One click per deck” Multicore Cables ensure quick and easy connection between mixer, decks and Audio 8 DJ interface.

The mixer at home or in the club only needs to be hooked up once. Thanks to the professional XLR plugs, the Audio 8 DJ can be connected and disconnected in an instant. As the cable is specially wired, the phono signal is always routed, allowing you to play traditional vinyl without connecting the Audio 8 DJ. Changeovers between DJs can be achieved with a minimum of disturbance.

The Benefits
- Professional Multicore Cable solution with high quality XLR plugs
- One click per deck connection
- Mixers need only be hooked up once
- Longer cable life due to less stress
- 120cm cable length for hassle-free set up

Each Mixer segment cable is comprised of 4 male RCAs for connecting Phono and Line-In plugs to your mixer, plus 2 female RCAs for connecting the turntable.

Traktor Scratch Software Features
The Traktor Scratch software is based on the powerful Traktor 3 engine, but specifically tweaked for turntable/CD DJs.

Add tension and drama to your mix using the multitude of effects and filters available, routed through two dedicated effect output channels. Remix tracks on-the-fly with instant looping, selectable loop size and in-sync track copying from deck to deck.

Features include
- Browsing in iTunes Playlists directly from within Traktor Explorer
- Instant iPod Playlists recognition
- High Resolution Control Signal (2kHz)
- Scrolling Playlist via Vinyl function
- Automatic recognition of control signal medium (vinyl side A/B or CD)
- Automatic input level normalization
- Emergency mono mode in case of failure of one control signal channel

Plus other features familiar to Traktor 3 users:
- High quality key correction for changing a tracks tempo without changing its key
- Zoomable waveform displays for viewing track beats
- Instant looping with selectable loop size
- Beat jump- move within a track without losing track/tempo sync
- High quality filters based on the renowned Xone:92™ club mixer
- Professional effects such as reverb, tempo-synced delay, flanger and beatmasher
- In-sync track copying from deck to deck for instant remixing

Control Media
Pure Vinyl Feeling - Traktor Scratch closes the gap between digital and analog DJing. The control signal is formatted onto special CDs and vinyl, and has an unmatched response - it feels like the digital file is cut into the wax. Pressed onto 120g vinyl, each disc contains one side with 17 minutes of control code, plus a 12 minute long flip side with deeper cut grooves for turntablists and scratch DJs. A special ‘scroll track’ allows you to select your next tune using only the turntable- with no need to touch your computer.

With the the “record flip” feature, Traktor Scratch instantly detects that you have flipped your control vinyl to it’s other side and will automatically load the next track in the playlist.

Mastered and cut at Berlin’s renowned studio ‘Dubplates and Mastering’, the grooves have exceptional depth for gripping the stylus.

Ultra Precicion - A 2 kHz carrier frequency offers twice as much tracking information as all competing digital DJ systems with vinyl control. Very slow speeds can be tracked with unmatched smoothness, whilst decoding is much more reliable due to the greater signal headroom available.

One view of the microscope-photos (marked Vinyl Detail in the pictures above) of the control vinyl from Traktor Scratch and a major competitor makes clear that the control signal of Traktor Scratch (right) is of considerably higher quality / precision, as well as possessing twice the resolution of the major competitor.

The Benefits
- Twice as fast as all competing control signals
- Ultra high response using 2khz control signal
- Improved high-speed-spinning capabilities
- 120g vinyl ideal for turntablists and scratch DJs
-Unique scroll feature



Verð 50.000 kr

Massa kerfi! virkar með vinyl og cds. auðveldar mjög að hafa tónlistarsafnið skipulagt.
Eins er vert að minnast að Audio 8 hjóðkortið þykkir með þeim betri sem DJ/Producer hljóðkort.
Allir sem var í kassnum fylgir með og sér ekki á kerfinu.

PS. hægt er að uppfæra systemið í Traktor Scratch Pro ef menn vilja.