Platan “í þágu fallsins” er komin í 12 tóna.

Vínyllinn er á 1500kr
CD er á 1700kr…..

…..sem er fínt verð miðað við að CD kosta 2000-2400kall í dag.

Styðjið íslenska tónlist… blehhhh o.s.frv.

Press release:

# Release Code RSO04
# SRD New Title Info, created by danield on 21/ 3/03
# ———————————————————— #
# SK/UM `I Thagu Fallsins' ML CD RESLP004 RESCD004 (Resonant) #

The second Icelandic release on Resonant also heralds the label's
second foray into the realms of electronica; following the
majestic Borko EP (RES005) from early 2002 comes more Grade A
output,with this flawless, varied and engaging mini-album.
This is the debut release from Reyjkavik-based producers Sk/um, aka
Skurken and Prince Valium, aka Johann Omarsson and Thorstein
Olafsson. *Available on ultra-ltd 8-track LP and 9-track CD (CD
includes an exclusive remix by Arnar Helgi of the opening track
“Tomatar”) and clocking in at 30 minutes-plus, “I Thagu Fallsins”
(loosely translated as “For The Fall”) expands on the established
template for the genre and remains endearing and accessible
throughout, without ever becoming generic or mundane. Think Isan or
Casino vs Japan, with maybe a pinch of Depeche Mode. *CD housed in
a quality digipak.

Muzik gagnrýni:


Just when you thought IDM was dead in the water, pulled under by its
dogged adherence to tiresome stylistic tics and relentless
tinkerings at the margins of a tune, here's a record that reminds
you why you liked it in the first place. Clean lines, a broad and
tasteful palette and an unfussy approach to what works rather than
what'll impress a handful of laptopped-up, plugged-in mates make
this eight-track Icelandic EP a much-needed easy listening
electronica treat. Knowing that the duo's names are Skurken and
Prince Valium can only add to your enjoyment. (TOM MUGGRIDGE). ****

Frá Boomkat:

What is it about Iceland? there's clearly something about the air, the
water, the chill or good cheer. ‘Tomatar’ opens the album with finely
spun mesh of drone-based strings, ‘Lummur’ adopts a more electropop
stance to bouyant melodic effect. ‘Bonetrix’ treads lightly alongside
the river marked ‘melodic dsp’ and manages not to fall in. ‘Tasco’ is a
crunchier beauty, imagine the melodic charms of The Remote Viewer with
a more urgent tempo, then spin through 180 degrees. A largely enjoyable
album which reveals still further the surprising musical depths flowing
in the currents of icelandic music. For all followers of the beguiling
icelandic sounds of Mum, this is a pleasant album well worthy of
further exploration. <br><br>————–
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