#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Hey

SPEED-LINK.phyos: hi

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Start with introducing your self

SPEED-LINK.phyos: Hello my name is Daniel Belger I'm 19 yeas old (tomorrow 20 ;-) ). When I'm not playing with my m8s from team speedlink I spend alot of time at work or with my friends.

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: How long have you been playing with speedlink??

SPEED-LINK.phyos: I'm playing in this team since 2 years and for SPEED-LINK 1,5 years

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: What do you think of the trailers about cod4?

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: And is speedlink gonna play cod4 :)?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: The trailers are awesome and we think we'r gonna play it.

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Do you think its a bit like cs?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: I don't think thats like cs, thats better like cs ;-)

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: What do you think of the hitbox in cod4? you can see if you hit people through walls:/?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: In CoD² you can see if you hit someone with nades somewhere in cs you hear ist when you hit people through walls so i think its okay.

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: What do you think of the cod2 community atm?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: The community is stronger than before, there are a lot of turnements and lans. The most people are really cool guys and it's much better than the cs com.

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Now some quick questions about your playing:)

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Whats your favourite gun?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: I like a lot of guns, but my favorit is the Springfield!

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Whats your favourite map?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: dawnville

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Do you know any Icelandic clans or players?:$

SPEED-LINK.phyos: can't remind one

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: well you know me (xlr8!) hehe ;)

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Who do you think are the 5 best players in europe?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: hard to say but i think Lucker, Trigger, Luboshomir, Mick and Sec

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: You guys did very well at the LAN in Dallas :), What did you think of the LAN?

SPEED-LINK.phyos: The lan and the location was really nice. I really enjoyed our stay in Dallas with my team. But I'm not satisfied with our 4th place… there was more for us. shit happens ;-)

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Your gonna win it next time !!! :D

SPEED-LINK.phyos: hope so :D

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Any last words? :H

SPEED-LINK.phyos: Greetings to everyone who knows me and the icelandic community!

#TeamFrag Xlr8!: Thank you for the interview:)

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