EVE Online: The Cold War Edition


• Outposts: Bridge the vast frontiers of the deep.
o Highways that connected the new Minmatar / Gallente blocks with the Amarr / Caldari blocks have been closed
o Close to 40 jumps have been added into and throughout 0.0 space
• Jumpdrives: The fearsome Dreadnought enters the battlefield
• Freighters: The ultimate ship for logistics planning
• COSMOS Constellations: There is much more to those stars than meets the eye
o Caldari Okkelen constellation and the Minmatar Ani constellation were opened
o Agents in space offer single-run sequential missions
o Archaeology and Hacking possible within Complexes
• Leadership Overhaul: Lead your fleet to glorious victory…or humiliating defeat. Implants, Modules and Skills have been added. Only certain command ships can utilize advanced leadership features, 4 frigates and 4 cruisers have recieved this ability to begin with.
• Pirate Factions: Better…Stronger…and likely to reveal their secrets if you can beat them. They now drop faction ammunition, pirate set implants and a chance to drop 1-run blueprint copies of faction ships..
• Industrial Revolution: Putting EVE's vast resources to work.
• Combat: Improvements that will add more strategy and tactics to naval warfare
• Chat is now unicode and supports your native language letters
• Simple Corporation Tax has been added, you can tax ISK mission rewards and NPC Bounties
• Assets are now searchable


• The PvP Log-off Timer has been increased to 15 minutes. The Log-off timer reverts back to 1 minute after the PVP Log-off Timer has expired. PvE (NPC) Log-off timer remains unchanged.
• Missile System has been overhauled! All players depending on missile combat are advised to test the changes and get known to them before stepping into any kind of danger. Read full report on the missile changes in this forum thread.
• Mobile Warp Disruptors have been made friendlier in usage; faster anchoring, take less cargo, have more hit points and cost less to manufacture.
• Dialogue boxes have been added to the UI depending on actions taken. These are as follows:
o Use of offensive area of effect weapons in Empire space can result in criminal flagging resulting in a CONCORD response, even when hitting cloaked ships. Use with extreme caution. Do you wish to proceed with this dangerous action?
o Activating this module on that peaceful civilian will result in faction status penalty for you towards the corporation of your target and will also cause your target to attack back. Do you wish to proceed with this dangerous action?
o This module activates an attack on your target and being a crime, will result in a security status penalty for you and will bring CONCORD to enforce the law by destroying your ship. Do you wish to proceed with this dangerous action?
o Activating this module on your target is an aggression towards a player and might result in destruction of his ship. Do you wish to proceed with this dangerous action?
-Pay close attention to these items. Selecting ‘No’ will save your ship. Selecting ‘Yes’ can result in CONCORDOKEN.
• Fleet Battle Optimization- Missiles no longer collide with any object other than their target.
• Quantity of contents of a container listed in a kill mail now lists the proper quantity, not a count of one.
• Code error that was not applying gang skill bonuses when entering other systems has been resolved.
Player Owned Structures and Stations
• Outposts are now available through player manufacturing, read more on Outpost manufacturing process: Dreadnoughts, Freighters and Outposts.
• System Sovereignty is required to build an Outpost. Starbases only count towards System Sovereignty 24 hours after it is deployed and current System Sovereign gets an EVEmail when a new Starbase is deployed.
• Outposts and Conquerable stations now follow the same rules. System Sovereignty, acquired by having the most Starbases deployed in a Solar System, enables Starbases to fully power an Outposts or Conquerable stations shield recharge, making it invulnerable. You must either acquire Sovereignty by deploying more Starbases than the opponent or destroy his Starbases so that he looses Sovereignty. Loosing Sovereignty to an attacker or if a Solar System has no Sovereign will render the Outpost vulnerable to attack.
• You can no longer target other players if you are located inside a force field of a star base, you have to go outside to return fire. Starbase sentries can do so, however.
• A pop-up will warn if no password is entered when attempting to apply “allow corp (or alliance) member only” to the security settings.
• Sovereignty fuel benefit has been added. Online and Reinforced consumption is now decreased by 25% (consumes .75x normal).
• Final reaction yields have been increased by varying degrees.
• Online Ice consumption has been decreased from 500 to 450, scaled Small and Medium tower consumptions to 1/2 and 1/4 (rounding up) to correspond with the cycle time increases.
• Moon mining: Reactors no longer lose a cycle at downtime if one of the inputs is a silo.
• Control tower silo capacity bonus is now applied for moon mining.
• All stations controlled by NPC factions have been given a Reprocessing Plant.
• Setting Shield Harmonic password on a ship will now warn that the password will not stay persistent after logging, ejection or downtime.
• Moon Mining UI no longer disappears if used to set a reactor offline.
• Minmatar Control Tower descriptions have been fixed.
• Mobile Laser Sentries can now be unanchored if they have an active crystal loaded. Stored crystals still prevent unanchoring.
• Turret Battery descriptions were incorrect. The descriptions now list the correct battery size needed.


• New ship class bring in the Jump Drive feature, read more about it here: Jump Drives and Dreadnoughts.
• Dreadnoughts & Freighters are now available through player manufacturing, read more on their manufacturing process: Dreadnoughts, Freighters and Outposts.
• Cruiser agility has been increased for all types.
• Support Cruisers have been boosted in offensive and defensive capabilities to improve survivability.
• The power grid for Rookie ships have increased by 1 and CPU by 5.
• Cruisers' and Elite Cruisers' Maximum Velocity has been increased by 10%.
• Ships now occupy less cargo space when repacked.
• The MWD Cap bonus for the Vindicator has been increased to the 10% in the description. It was mistakenly set at 5%. The 5% damage per level bonus has been changed to a 5% per level bonus in tracking. The 25% Damage bonus remains.
• The MWD Cap bonus for the Vigilant has been increased to the 10% listed in the description.
• Stealth Bombers can no longer fire a volley, cloak mid-cycle and have their volley affect the target.
• The Cynabal medium projectile Rate of Fire bonus now works properly.
• The Ashimmu capacitor reduction for medium lasers now works properly.
• The Rattlesnake missile launcher Rate of Fire bonus works properly.
• The Bhaalgorn large energy capacitor reduction bonus works properly.


• Tech 2 Rocket Launchers have been added to the research agent pool.
• Tech 2 Drones have been added to the research agent pool
• Tech 2 Shield Extenders and Shield Hardeners have been added to the research agent pool
• Tech 2 Armor Hardeners and Armor Plates have been added to the research agent pool
• Tech 2 Ice Miners have been added to the research agent pool
• Analyzer I and Codebreaker I have been added and are used for Archaeology and Hacking
• The following Leadership Modules have been added; Armored Warfare Link - Damage Control, Armored Warfare Link - Passive Defense, Armored Warfare Link - Rapid Repair, Cynosural Field Generator I, Information Warfare Link - Electronic Superiority, Information Warfare Link - Recon Operation, Information Warfare Link - Sensor Integrity, Skirmish Warfare Link - Evasive Maneuvers, Skirmish Warfare Link - Interdiction Maneuvers, Skirmish Warfare Link - Rapid Deployment, Siege Warfare Link - Active Shielding, Siege Warfare Link - Shield Efficiency and Siege Warfare Link - Shield Harmonizing.
• Armor Plates and Shield Extenders bonuses have been increased by 50%
• Auto Targeter Range has been increased from 10000m to 50000m.
• Tech 2 shield transporters have received an efficiency improvement to become better than their Tech 1 counterparts. Tech 1 shield transporters have been slightly improved as well.
• Speed bonus description for hull modification modules is now correct. The bonus is a percentage, not a base value addition.
• Ballistic Control Systems must be online to give their bonus. They no longer operate in a ‘passive’ mode.
• Scan Probe charges have been adjusted to coincide with the Scan Probe Launcher I capacity.
• Cargo Expanders must be online to give their bonus. They no longer operate in a ‘passive’ capacity.
• ‘Named’ Target Painters have seen a reduction in efficiency to bring them closer to similar named modules.
• Some medium and large projectile ammunition had incorrect damage values. They now deal damage as they were intended.
• The Energized Reactive Membrane II, Energized Magnetic Membrane II and Energized Thermic Membrane II had been increased to 30.
• Capital sized weapon and defense modules are now available through player manufacturing.
• Siege Module that enables Dreadnoughts to enter Siege Mode is now available through player manufacturing.
• Dragging missiles from a loaded launcher to a full cargo hold no longer deletes the missiles.
• Modules and guns should no longer activate when moving in-space or unloading ammunition.
• Covert Ops cloaking devices can be activated mid-warp.
• Autoreloading weapons from the same ammo stack works as intended.
• Various Missile Launcher types have been changed, read full story on the Missile System changes in the Combat section of the forums

Agents and Missions

• Pirate agents (Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Guristas Pirates, Serpentis, Sansha's Nation, Thukker Tribe, The Syndicate) will now reward pirate ‘officer’ implant sets through agent offers. These implant sets are called Snake, Talisman, Crystal, Slave and Halo.Collect the whole set to get an additional bonus.
• Faction ship offers costing low amounts of Loyalty Points and High amounts of ISK have been added for factions with faction ship offers available. This allows players to cash out Loyalty Points earlier and move to better agents.
• Reduced the Loyalty Point cost of the faction cruiser and frigate offers for both pirate and Empire factions.
• Agent mission destinations are now selected based on load factors of solar systems. This should decrease lag when doing the missions but will increase travel time to the mission locations.
• All agents now give out offers which require Overseer tags from Deadspace Complexes. They are more valuable through offers than selling them on the market. This should promote interaction between Complex runners and Agent runners.
• Agent missions are distributed more diversely by the NPC factions of Eve. Due to the nature of the New World Order, you will be seeing different types of pirates/empire ships more frequently during the execution of missions.
• Some Level 4 agent missions have been made more challenging to promote grouping.
• Vepas Minimala's insignia has replaced Estamel Tharchon's insignia as the requirement for the 5-run Raven Navy Issue offer.
• The ammatar captain's insignia of ‘Jerek Zuomi’, is no longer required for the Blood Raider battleship offer.
• The Gallente Federation agent offer for the Gallente Navy Reflective Plating Blueprint now requires the Standard Missile Launcher I, not the unavailable TL2 variant.
• The Supreme Drone Parasite spawn in the Rogue Drone Harassment mission has been removed.
• ‘The Infested Ruins’ is now only offered by agents in 0.4 security and below.
• Some pirate missions were re-added to offers. The names of the Empire webifiers/scramblers targeted by the missions were changed in the past but the code continued to look for their old names.
• The faction enemy target and factions encountered in “The Double Agent” mission have been changed to reflect the New World Order.
• The faction enemies encountered in the missions “Rogue Slave Trader”, “The Score”, and “Unauthorized Military Presence” for the Khanid, Amarr and Ammatar factions now reflect the New World Order.
• The faction enemies encountered in the missions “Gone Berserk”, “The Blockade” and “The Assault” for the Khanid faction to reflect the New World Order.
• The briefing for the Khanid, Ammar and Ammatar factions' mission “Mercenary Assassination” now reflect the New World Order.
• The difficulty of the level 2 “Hidden Stash” Angel and Gurista missions has been reduced.
• 5 generic storyline mission sequences have been added; 1 for Empire, 4 for the pirate factions. The pirate faction sequences are level 4, the Empire faction sequence is level 3. The pirate faction sequences also have rare spawns, such as Fleet Commanders.
• Doing missions for pirate factions no longer causes the player to lose standing with CONCORD automatically. Players will still lose standing for attacking CONCORD ships.
• Various “Quality of Life” issues (graphic displays, lag, error messages, etc.) in a number of missions have been fixed.
• Faction module offers for Empire factions have been removed.


• Most Deadspace Complex NPCs and Agent Mission NPCs Cruisers and Battleships have been decreased in bounty to adjust for their spawn frequency compared to Asteroid Belt NPCs. They are far too common compared to their bounty.
• All NPC entities will now give twice the security rating than they have previously. All Commanders give 4x as much, all Officers give 8x as much.
• Commanders, Officers and Deadspace Complex end bosses now have a chance of dropping 1-run blueprint copies of faction ships. This compensates the decrease in bounty for Complexes. The end is the goal, not the road to the end.
• Commanders and Officers that spawn in asteroid belts have had their offensive and defensive capabilities increased.
• Commander and Officer spawn rate has been increased, up to quadrupled in some cases.
• Respawn rate of NPC's in Complexes have been increased to decrease downtime between new runs.
• Faction Officers and Commanders will now drop “Ultra Violent” Faction Ammo.
• Blood Raiders have found a new home within the Delve / Querious regions, they now have more stations and more agents to play with.
• Blood Raider officers can now be found in their new home region.
• If a player pursued by ‘Police’-type NPCs boards a new ship, the police group will continue to attack the old ship. A new police group will spawn to engage the ship the pursued player left. Ships owned by players engaged with the police cannot be boarded by other players while the engagement lasts.
• CONCORD NPCs in high security space and Navy Fleet Commanders have seen a recent refit in some of their systems. They now do more damage to law breakers in areas under their protection.
• Various rogue drone NPCs have had their sensor strength values adjusted.
• Some NPCs were giving out too much security rating gain as a reward for their destruction. They have been adjusted to the proper reward.
• Some mid-range mineral components dropped by Rogue Drones have been modified in minerals they give when refining.
• Convoys now drop commodities based on what their corporation typically sell.
• The hitpoints and shield capacity on some of the pirate webifier frigates in agent missions have been lowered.
• Certain NPCs now stasis webify smuggling pilots to 0 velocity.
• NPCs now get a signature radius boost when they use their MicroWarpDrives.
• Low level Frigate NPC Pirates have been increased in bounty.

Deadspace Complexes

• Logging off within a complex will result in the player being warped back to the complex entrance if the player does not log back in within 2 minutes. This is to prevent exploits where a players could warp in just to pick of the end bosses when they respawned without having to go through all the Complex.
• Some current Deadspace Complexes have been distributed in higher numbers.
• Maximum Range of Sentry Guns in complexes have been increased.
• Deadspace Training Complexes have additional content and have been rebalanced to compliment the revamped new player experience.
• Four new contested minmatar complexes have been added to the Ani constellation. They have a “War-Torn/Frontline” theme- Military bases that have been repeatedly overrun by opposing forces, most recently being the Gist Angels.
• New “Contested” Caldari complexes with a frontier-based theme have been added to the Okkelen constellation
• Frame rate and load times have been optimized in detailed scenes.
• Some spawned containers can now only be opened if the player has the correct module and skill to do so.
• Incorrect descriptions of some deadspace complexes and their contents have been corrected.
Skills and Implants
• New skills for Leadership have been added. Siege Warfare Specialist, Information Warfare Specialist, Armored Warfare Specialist, Skirmish Warfare Specialist, Wing Command, Armored Warfare, Information Warfare and Squadron Command.
• Following Leadership implants were added; Armored Warfare Mindlink, Information Warfare Mindlink, Skirmish Warfare Mindlink, Siege Warfare Mindlink
• New skills for Archaeology have been added. Archaeology, Talocan Technology and Sleeper Technology
• New skills for Hacking have been added. Hacking, Guristas Encryption Methods and Angel Encryption Methods
• Advanced Weapon Upgrades is available on the market, the skill reduces power requirements for fitting for turrets and launchers.
• New skills for Tech 2 Drones were added. Laser Drone Specialization, Projectile Drone Specialization, Blaster Drone Specialization and Railgun Drone Specialization
• New skills for Tech 2 Missile Launchers were added. Rocket Specialization, Light Missile Specialization, Heavy Missile Specialization, Cruise Missile Specialization and Torpedo Specialization
• New skills to improve missile combat are available on the market, these skills are related to the new missile system.Missile Bombardment, Missile Navigation, Guided Missile Precision, Target Navigation Prediction, Warhead Upgrades and Rapid Launch.
• New skills available for Capital Modules: Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration, Capital Turrets, Citadel Torpedoes, Capital Repair System, Capital Shield Operation.
• New skills available for Jump Drive Operation: Cynosural Theory, Jump Drive Calibration, Jump Fuel Conservation.
• New skills available for manufacturing new items: Starbase Construction & Capital Ship Construction.
• New Skill called Shield Compensation is available on the market, the skill reduces the capacitor need for shield activation.
• The description for the Ice Harvesting skill was incorrect. The skill decreases the mining cycle time per skill level and is now described correctly.
• Market Tycoon skill is available on the market.
• The description of the Bureaucratic and Financial Connections skills have been changed to better reflect what they actually do.
• The Covert Ops description has been changed and now includes a 10% reduction in scan probe launch duration/activation time per level.
• Signature Focusing skill bonus increasing the efficiency of Target Painters has been reduced.
• Skill indicator progress bar no longer resets to zero if training is halted.
• The bonus of the Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ ZET200 has been decreased.


• All ECCM meta-type modules have been added to the market.
• Alloys and Compounds (rogue drone drops) have been added to the materials section of the market.
• Price history displays properly for items that did not have volume every day.
• More information can be read in this dev blog about what has been added to the market.
Chat and Communication
• The Chat system has received a number of optimizations. More optimizations are to follow in future patches and hotfixes.
• You can now drag and drop a stuff to the chat window to create a link to its info window. Good for bragging about loot or selling it.
• Inviting a person to chat via Local> Invite to >Personal conversation works properly.
Display and UI
• Criminal Flagging after committing an aggressive act has been added to the Overview window and are properly displayed again. The overview uses the same flag as is used for outlaws - players with worse standing than -5.0.
• Closing a scanner window during scan no longer errors or disabled the scan in progress.
• You can now select to use the Overview groups to filter the scanner results.
• Show Info icons are no longer clipped or missing borders.
• Collapsing the gang panel no longer clears the gang member list.
• Stacking item (in Cargo Hold) display bug no longer occurs.
• A warning about the hazards of ejecting from a ship have been added if you were on a ship carrying more than the base capacity due to skill bonuses. The existing pop-up warning did not mention that over the limit cargo would be ejected at the same time.
• Personal wallets would be updated if using a corporation to trade, but the transaction log listed the correct transaction. This display bug should no longer occur.
• Black screens and display errors caused by a player using a jump gate or docking while warp scrambled no longer occur.


• A new ‘New Player Experience’ tutorial system has been added.
• Multiple language support (Unicode) has been added to the client.
• Added new Warp-To Distances, 80KM and 100KM
• Various ‘Quality of Life’ issues with Chat, UI, display, graphics, descriptions, etc. have been resolved.
• The hit points of Secure Containers have been reduced.
• Small amount of Zydrine has been added to the following ore types: Jaspet, Hemorphite, and Hedbergite.
• Error generated when boarding a ship from a “Ship maintenance array” should no longer occur.
* Patch notes are subject to change up until patch release because of things such as forgetful devs that can't remember what they nerfed 3 months ago.
¤ Patch 3363 to 3366 addresses Fixes and Improvements

Fixes and Improvements:

Ships and Modules

• Previously, repackaging or escrowing of ships fitted with ammo types not tracked by the database would not remove the ammo like what occurs with other modules and fittings. This has been resolved.
• Navy Issue Vexor now has the proper +1 drone/level bonus instead of the incorrect MWD cap bonus.
• Inquisitor RoF bonus is now 5% per level.
• Griffin, Blackbird, and Scorpion descriptions now display the proper 20% EW optimal.
• Propulsion Jamming Skill description now reads correctly.

Missions and Agents

• Some agents did not dish out properly important missions.
• Event agents now hand out complete missions in all cases.
• The Bronze Man and The Great Assembly Line election sequences can be performed without Customer Support assistance.
• Pirate missions are no longer being given out by Empire agents.


• Implants are displayed at all times. Previously when a player swapped ships or ejected, the implants would not display properly. Closing and re-opening the character window may be necessary to refresh the display.
• Skill display bug (zero skills or skill points) is in the process of being isolated. The first part of the solution is being added.
• Pilots in Space/Pilots Docked map views now display the correct numbers.


• Remote Sell returns to the Assets context menu.
• Alliance Restricted Escrow claims no longer give an exception error.
• Market History table displays correctly.


• New characters can now leave the Rookie Help Channel
• CEOs will receive EVEmail when office rent is due and when owned conquerable stations are under attack.
• A number of server and client optimizations have been added for faster performance.
• Unofficial support for font table modification has returned to prefs.ini. This is for the players that have been using fonts with regional characters. Add “fontEncoding=iso8858_2” or similar codpage to prefs.ini. The implied default value is “cp1252” which is standard Windows.
• Some stations were still increasing price on their station services although they were not fully rented.