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EVE online: Gone Berserk level 4 mission

Today I had 40 min to spare so I asked my level 4 agent in Korama if he had a mission for me and not surprisingly he had one. I and he have gotten to be as good friends as is possible between pod pilot and agent, meaning that he tolerates me and has given me 10.0 in standings.

This time he wanted me to run the Gone Berserk mission and my goal was to stop those EoM fanatics from running all over the place. I'm mostly solo lvl 4 mission runner and run those mission in my fine Illuminator, Hyperion BS and use only tech II modules. So I fitted my ship with two EANM II (energized adaptive nano membranes) and kinetic hardener II and thermic hardener II, one Large Armor repairer II and two MFS II (magnetic field stabilizers) for more damage to hurry up things.

I got to the place that my agent told me to I would find those dratted EoM fanatics and soon enough 3 cruisers and 3 EoM BS's appeared and their pilots started the usual trash talking, calling me infidel and stupid and basically telling me to get the hell out before they would crush me and my ship.

That did not deterr me from locking them all and I set my Arbalest Cruise missile launcher and 3 x 425mm railguns II' and my 4 x 350mm railguns II on the first BS and started to ruin its day very fast. In the meantime I sent 5 of my good and trustworthy Hammerhead II's drones against one of the cruiser and the fun really started. To make long story short then I blew up 12 EoM BS's and lots of cruisers and my wallet got thicker by the minute. I just love to blow up those rats in EVE :)

When my time in EVE was getting shorter I realised that I could not loot and salvage all those wrecks so I asked in Local if anybody was interested in getting the loot and salvage. This time somebody answared and I invited him to gang with me, asked him to warp to me, and when he got to the mission site he BM (bookmarked) one of those wrecks so he could find them again and I said goodby and enjoy.

Howatch Johalla
The CEO of Johalla MegaThor Corp