“wandering around in unknown territory, unknown space”

“it's empty, lonely, I get creep from every planet, every star you pass”

“all comunications are lost, my ship damaged from a group of pirate I
barely managed to kill. Well it worms me up thinking about it..”

I was sent to give a man, whom I don't know, a package, secret mission
it was and I was told that if I failed to give the package I could selfdestruct
my ship with me in it couse they would hunt me down and kill, no matter
if i was on the good or bad side.

I had not gone far when my scanner showed me that something was lieing
not far from me in this system.
I prepared my guns and was ready to fight the one who planed to destroy

suddenly everything disappeared on my scanner, i started sweating. “this
mission can not fail” i thought to my self.
something happened now, my ship started to go slower and 3 ships, frigates
appeared on my scanner, I was scrambled and webbed. I thought to self and
laughed a little bit “is this all, 3 frigates, i can kill them on no time”
well…my laugh faded and terror started flowing down my body as I saw 2
battleships in front of me.
this was not the time to brake down and drown in terror i was far more
experienced than that.

I desided to get rid of those frigates first, I would have better chance against
the battleships while not scrambled.
I activated my smartbomb, *PJUFF*, wow, that didn't take long, 2 frigates down
and one running away. I didn't mind about their pods so I started targeting
the battleships.
battleships targeted, my scanner informing me that they had me targeted to.
they trying to reach me with the radio, i tuned it up just to here what
they had to say. “you shall not pass our space without our permission, whom
do we have to that to get an easy pray?”
*silence* I didn't answer them.
“so…u want to have it this way..suit youre self then..”
comunications brake out.

I just sad there very calm despite my fears and terrors of not sruviving this attack
and used the time while they didn't do anything to think how i could destroy them both.

their ships start to move, one to right other to left. I reacted at once, activating my nosferatus
on the smaller one, and in just seconds that ship had no energy to attack.
“hope this will due” i thought.

Activating my siege lunchers on the other one and strengthing my shield. while i watched how
he reacted i saw that he's was not fitted to run away, no shield booster, no shield hardeners,
no dmg hardeners at all, just the guns, and enough of them, and i felt that when he started shooting.

I was half way down with his structure when my shield gave away.“this wont be good” i thought, couple
of missile rounds and he was dead, i cheered in my head.

I didn't notice that just before my shield had gone, my nos's stopped working and the other one
had have the time to regain his energy. I was shocked when i found out that he was a missileboat
and feeling it very well when his missiles hit me. only a miracle could save me now. activating all my guns and
trying to target jam him while regaining my shield, more missiles were shot and damage on my ship almost
to hull now.
I didn't know what happeneg but an explosion was on his ship befor my missiles hit him and he didn't fire back.
a miracle, just what i needed to destroy him. more and more missiles going towards him and shield half
way up again he started shooting again, but not as many as befor, something had gone wrong on his side.
my missiles dealing him alot of damage and his shield went down fast sot did his structure.

he had swithed missiles during his mechanical failure and these missiles were far more powerfull than
mine, my missile ran out and seeing the last round hitting him and killing him i saw a round of missiles heading towards
me. my hull in 90% and no shield and no defender missiles to load, no time to load them. so
i sat back and “enjoyed the show, hoping that this wasn't going to be my last trip for the
federation. the missiles hit me and hit me hard, i got knocked out…
in my dream i was in a beautiful place everything was so pretty, no ad feeling,
and the pretty women not missing, i surely thought I had died..

hours later i woke up, my head killing my and warnings not makeing me feel better, I now saw that
his missiles had not killed me, hull in 15% and shield had recharged him self. i prayed to god, to allah,
to all the gods i had known, just to thank them.
i sat up regain my strength. I warped to a planet in the system and lunched my repaire drones out to repair my structure.
soon as that was done and i was about to warp away i saw this tiny tiny thing in space blinking lights on it.
i targeded it to see what it was. and mymy what i was surprised, it was the pod of the one
who had almost killed me. I didn't wast more time in thinking and sent a missile towards it and finished him of.
My hull still much damaged but i didn't have the equip to repair it so i headed on with my way.

”Back to where we are now, one jump to go and i can hand this package and repaire my ship and head home.
this trip had tought me that skill in a fight does not matter at all couse if ecerything had gone the way
it was supposed to go, i wouldn't be telling u my story…"