The Unknown Part II

Days have passed ive been lying in bed for a week now and i still get the nigthmares
about the incident on the ship that face of that monster haunts me, i get the feeling that they are still after me. I go to sleep, the next day i wake up the doctor waked me up he said, good day Mr. ??, its Mr. John. Oh yes Mr. John are u feeling ok ? Yes im great,
i feel like a new man. Thats good the new arm we got for you is only temporarily we will get u a better one one when we get to base. Well thank u doctor. Well Mr. John i’ll contact the commander and tell youre state you’ll be in full active duty in no time.
Thank you doctor, ill be heading to bridge then.

Well commander he’s in full health nothing out of the ordinary, thank you doctor.
*John walks in* Sir! calm down John youre just out of sickbed. Yes sir, i need to talk to you John about the incident. Yes sir, we were able to get some video images out of the ship. It might tell us what happened to the crew and what those creature’s were. Do you think your’e up to it, to watch this image. Yes sir, *plays the footage* “they see dead bodies on the deck floor, omg theres blood every where”. “Suddenly an human runs out of the dark and starts shooting, then something appears behind him and grabs his shoulder and takes him and blood splatters everywhere”, “John begins to be scared then another human like lifeform comes out of the dark and walks to the camera and *bzzzzzzz* ”. John threw himself backwards and was petrified he stares on the monitor, like hes seen a ghost. The commander rushes him to the Doctor. He gives him some drugs and puts him on the sick bed.

*Eyes open* John are u ok says the Doctor. What happened to me, you went into a shock. I dont remember that *stares at the ceiling* and screams *aaaaaaaa!!!* i saw it, i saw it. You saw what John, the monster the monster. John calm down, *John grabs the doctor and starts to squeeze very hard*. John stop, or ill be forced to give u some drugs. *The doctor was trying to give him the shot then, John grabs him with his right hand and breaks his arm, the bone was sticking out and blood gushed out*. *The doctor screams for help* HELP!! someone, *John had a crazed look in his eyes, then he goes to the doctors throat and bites, blood splattered all over, John starts to eat his neck sucking his blood*. *John drops the doctor on the floor, and runs*. *The commander appears on screen* Doctor, doc! are u there ? can u hear me doc ?

To be continued…..