We got commands from our HQ that we have to explore an ship disappearing in the Lonetrek Region.
Our ship wasnt very far from Lonetrek so it didnt take alot of time to get the, the headquarters gave us
the destination to the ship disappearings. It took us 53 hrs to get there. Finally we where in Simik, we warped
to the location where the disappearings took place. Our commander put us on full alert for any danger in our
proximity. Hours grew by when we were scanning the place. Suddenly a ship appeared out of the blue, we alerted
our commander. We tried to contact the ship but nothing came but an message with scrambled noise, but we got pieces
and pieces of any words. The commander gave the orders to see what sense this noise was doing. After 4 hrs. they got
something out of the noise it sounded like this.

We need …… anyone ……. we got attacked …….. by ….. a group called ……. they came by surprise ……… we all face death.

The commander was very worried about this message, he ordered to retrieve the ship to investigate the interior.
Our ship closed in on the damaged ship, we docked with the ship. We sent in an probe to scan the area, the probe didnt
pick anything then the probe was destroyed. The commander ordered a us to check things out. We went into the ship
the men didnt see much. They walked deep into the ship and came across the probe it was smashed, we heard a noise the
guys panicked got theyre weapons up they were scared. We heard the noise again and again now i was panickin. One of the
soldiers just panicked and ran. And then we heard this loud screaming noise coming from the way he went. We rushed to find
him, there was no sign but suddenly one of the men tripped over something it was the soldier a piece of his neck has been
ripped off the blood was everywhere. We contacted the commander by our situation, he said to move out. We tried to rush to
the higher level of the ship, but in a quick swift one of the soldiers disappeared, one of the soldier who was beside me just got his
head ripped of and the blood splattered on my face i just stood there and saw some creature eating from his neck. I nearly crapped
my pants i ran as quickly as i could not knowing that my two teammates werent behind me. I ran as quickly as i could not knowing where
i was going, suddenly i saw two of these creatures standin in front of me i grabbed my gun and started to shoot got them both.
Then i heard an noise behind me something grabbed my arm and then the creature tore off my arm i was very weak tried to shoot
at it with my handgun the creature disappeared. I tried to run to the higher levels. I couldnt contact the commander because my contact
tool was on my ripped arm. I´ve must ran for 15 min with my blood gushing from my arm i was very weak i crawling and then i heard
someone talking. I cried for help, i got an response these were two of the guards that were protecting the door of the ship. They rushed
to help me and took me to the clinic. I told the commander that he had to blow the ship up, the ships door was closed and undocked.
Our ship shot one torpedo at the wreckage and *Boooom* the ship was blown into pieces. Our ship started heading home, the commander
contacted HQ they said this was very criticall that these creatures may not board this ship.

to be continued…..