“It has to be done” said General Animo. “Agreed” stated Commander Athenasia. “As much as I dislike it, it does have to be done” said Commander Haukr. “ ‘E’s disunnered us all wit ‘is cowardice” said General Alexander with his rather distorted way of speech. “Then it is settled. Let us do it for him then” said Jonathan Pride, CEO. By that they all stood from the small, triangular table, paying respect to the Iron Fist of A.R.T.S. centerpiece as they did so.

They stepped out of the tactical room, recieving salutes from the guards outside the door. They started down a narrow corridor, passing several commanders on their way. By the look of their face they all seemed to know what was going to happen… and to whom. They were about halfway down another corridor in a low-clearence area when suddenly, they all stopped. They looked at the man standing in front of them, saluting them. His outfit was dark blue with red stripes on the side and the Iron Fist by his heart. The symbols beneath it showed that he was a 2nd class lieutenant of Gamma division, army group B. General Animo addressed him: “What is your name, lieutenant?”. “Sir, Hiteka Sokugawa, sir” answered the lieutenant. “Do you realize, lieutenant, that the holster for your security sidearm is not properly fastened?” said Commander Haukr. “Oh, I’m sorry sir, I…” started the lieutenant as he flustered with the holster, but was quickly interrupted by Commander Athenasia “It's fine, don't worry about it, but don't let it happen again… Sergeant”. The newly depromoted soldier seemed thankful for the light punishment he recieved. He saluted the commanders as they walked past him, obviously relieved.

“We're almost there, prepare your weapons” ordered Jonathan Pride, as he charged the light sidearm he carried with him. “Such a corrupted fool as he is, he's likely to do anything”. “Ready?” asked General Animo. They all nodded simultainiously. Commander Athenasia pushed a button to open the tritanium door but to no avail. “It's locked from the inside” said Commander Haukr. “We don't have time to send someone to override it, just blast through” ordered Jonathan Pride. “Alright, 10 feet back” said General Animo. The noise blasted through the corridors of the station but no one seemed very surprised, they all knew what was going on. Although, few knew who was being disciplined. As they stepped through the smoke and into the office of the dishonoured commander, commanders Athenasia and Haukr took the left flank while the generals took the right one.

Jonathan Pride walked straight up to the embezzling traitor and looked calmly at him, following him with his eyes as he rocked back and forth, staring straight forward. His face was pale and sweat glistened on his forehead, his eyes bright with fear and shame. Finally, he looked up at his old friend from the Caldari Navy. They had fought together in many battles and saved each others lives more than once, but now his friends face was filled with disappointment and sorrow, which soon turned into hateful contempt that showed no mercy. “Jonathan… please…” he started, but then stopped when he realized the futility of it. He buried his face in his hands and trembled with fear as Jonathan readied and aimed his sidearm at him. “Please… for old friendship's sake, leave my family be” he pleaded. “The family of a lowly dog is no better than the dog itself. You'll see your family very soon, old friend”. By that the dishonoured one looked up at the statue of the Iron Fist on his desk, just a second before the blast hit his face and sprayed part of him across the office floor. Jonathan looked at him for a second, and then started for the door. The group followed him, their faces cold and completely void of emotion. Jonathan stopped in the door. "Alexander, contact Mr. Antarean and have him take care of the dog's family. Have him spare only the youngest ones and send them to A.R.T.S. youth disciplinary camp. And get a cleaning crew here, see if they can recycle the remains. Let's get back to work.
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