Ég tók saman lausnir á helstu vandræðum af BF2 plástrinum sem kom út um daginn….
Þetta eru ekki mínar uppfinningar en ég tók saman upplýsingarnar og lausnir af ýmsum stöðum, raðaði þeim saman, prófaði mismunandi útfærslur sjálfur og endurskrifaði textann til að það yrði einfaldara að skilja hann, hér er svo heildarafraksturinn en hann er einnig birtur þarna:

I hope this helps, at least I found these 3 methods fixed my 1.03 patch problems (so far):

Before you do anything make a system restore point, then make a copy of your Battlefield 2\Mods\bf2\settings folder so you can keep your favorite settings and overwrite the default ones when you're done, then uninstall the BF2game, delete the Battlefield 2 folder from the EA GAMES folder, then reinstall BF2, restart your computer and make sure your windowsXP username uses only English letters(if not then change the name in the user accounts in control panel).

1. Download the patch from fileshack if you haven't already. Run it……..
If you get “patching failed”:then

2.start the patchinstaller.
after selecting your language, press next, and leave it at that.
go into run menu in start menu, type %TEMP% click OK. Now a Windows_Explorer window opens up where you have to look in the top folder and locate the patch.exe file, when you've found it you should hit start>run>cmd and then drag the patch.exe file into the cmd window, now you have the patch info in the cmd window so just add by typing to that window the path to your bf2 folder something like this, within quotes adding ONE space in front: “C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2”

Here is an example of how the complete cmd line should look after you've added the path and before you hit ENTER:


Now hit ENTER and wait patiently for the magic to happen…Once it finishes then finist running the patch from the desktop where you left off, now the game should be working but if you get a cd key error when you try to join a server then here is a solution that worked for me:
The CD-key is in fact encrypted now in the registry, which is a good thing as cd-key steeling malware will not be able to use it. .

If you get the invalid cd key after patching try this:

start the patchinstaller.
after selecting language, press next, and leave it at that.
go into run menu in start menu, type %TEMP% click OK.
Now a Windows_Explorer window opens up, search for BF2CDKeyCheck.exe and run the .exe (just run it, it's not supposed to open a second window or anything).
now finish running the patchinstaller and start the game.


Find your FILTER >CONFIGURE GAMES options in ASE and edit the program location field for BF2 to point to your program location something like this:

“C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\BF2.EXE” +menu 1 +username YourEA_BF2gameUsername +playerPassword yourEA_BF2password +fullscreen 1

Enjoy, Baldur, Iceland (doing EA's work ?)