Undergraduate graduation is a written certificate issued by a school sponsoring institution to prove the learning experience through systematic study, completing all the courses arranged by the school and passing the grades.
A bachelor's degree is the name of a degree awarded at the undergraduate level of higher education. The foundation degree in the university degree structure is awarded by the State Council authorized higher education institutions . The undergraduate graduates of the National Education Series have achieved excellent grades in average grades and graduation thesis, and obtained the scores of the foreign language examinations organized or recognized by the provincial education 24HWriteMyEssay.com -  Write My Essay For Me department, and participated in the “main course” examinations organized by the degree-granting organizations, and the results A degree that is awarded by a degree-granting unit in accordance with the Degrees Regulations of the People's Republic of US.
It indicates that degree holders have a good grasp of the basic theories, professional knowledge and basic skills of the subject, and have the initial ability to engage in scientific research or to undertake specialized technical work.